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Huawei next to the release of the new Kirin 1020 SoC

Since Qualcomm announced the release by the end of the year, of the first smartphone with support for the standard for browsing the 5G network, Huawei has been working hard to counter the dominant position of the competitor. In fact, the company is almost close to launching its new series of SoC Kirin 1020, postponing the release of its first 5G smartphone for next year.

Qualcomm SoCs are currently the most popular processors among smartphones, including Chinese production. However, Huawei is currently a leading company not only in China, but in many global markets, as well as being the world’s third largest smartphone maker.

The company then, to accentuate its autonomy and increase its leadership, decided long ago to break away from Qualcomm, producing at home the chips that we all know today, namely the Kirin. Currently the latest SoC produced by the house is the Kirin 970, equipped with integrated artificial intelligence capabilities, but failed to equalize performance with the competitor Snapdragon 845. The chip of Huawei is one of the best in the market, but there is still more work to do.

Recently, the news had already emerged regarding the entry into production by Huawei, the Kirin 980, which thanks to a remarkable leap in performance compared to the 970, should be able to overcome the Snapdragon 845 at the performance level. A recent news, however, makes known the presence of a further SoC, which is precisely the Kirin 1020.

The new and promising processor should be equipped with extremely strong performance capabilities, with theoretically double capacity compared to the Kirin 970. The new Kirin 1020 from Huawei should go into production as soon as the 5G network is launched for the first time. All that remains is to wait to see if the company will be able to dethrone Qualcomm!

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