urbanbusinessinside.com | FCC unveils 7 new Fossil Wear OS smartwatches equipped with NFC
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FCC unveils 7 new Fossil Wear OS smartwatches equipped with NFC

Google’s wereable operating system has undergone several changes this year, including the rebrand of the name that has changed in Wear OS and several improvements and new features at the interface. The platform for the wearables of the house, will undergo further updates, thanks to the arrival of the new Qualcomm chips and the new Made by Google certification program. Meanwhile, the FCC agency has unveiled 7 new Fossil Wear OS models, equipped with NFC.

According to what was presented by the FCC and made available today, the ID given by the agency is (UK7-DW7A) and concerns precisely 7 different smartwatch variants produced by Fossil, ie DW7F1, DW7M1, DW7E1, DW7E2, DW7S1, DW7B1 and DW7T1 . As in the past generations of smartwatches, the company offers the same hardware under different homes.

The only differences between the models of Fossil in fact, are the color, the material of the strap and the frame. These type of differences, are mainly for marketing purposes, there is in fact no change between one variant and another regarding the hardware.

The Fossil Group contains several fashion brands, including Skagen, Misfit, Micahel Kors and others, which manufacture wereable devices with Wear OS. Usually all products share the technology used, but in different wrappers, styles and sometimes even functionalities, such as the rotating frame in some models.

The screenshots showing the system interface confirm that smartwatches run Wear OS, with standard applications already pre-installed by Google. The documentation also reveals the support for Bluetooth 4.2 and the presence of Wi-Fi.

The aspect that most interests in the new models of Fossil, however, is the NFC, which will operate in the operating frequency range of 13.56-13.56 MHz. The characteristic certainly represents something new, since it is not present in most current generation devices on the market, it is also useful for Google Pay payments directly from the wrist.

Fossil’s products are probably part of the next wave of devices anticipated by Google, which will be powered by Qualcomm’s new processors, coming this fall. All that remains is to wait for the exit, to test its potential.

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